How to Order

You can order by Email or FAX.
-Please check in the online catalogue the availibility of the requested items first. All models are available from stock as long as they´re not marked "OS" or "N". The online catalogue is updated at every status change. When there are more orders arriving for a specific item the same day the one who orders first gets it. There are no reservations possible. The prices are with or without VAT. Customers within the European Community are charged the price including VAT. Don´t forget your delivery adress, your email adress and the desired method of payment (see below). You will receive a proforma invoice by email. The minimum order for foreign customers is Euro 50. After receiving the proforma invoice, you can still cancel your order.

The postage depends on the location the parcel will be sent to and the weight of the parcel. We add only the postage we actually have to pay. You can choose between surface and airmail. The parcels are registered and automatically insured.

-Methods of payment
-Postal Money Order in EURO
-Bank cheque in EURO drawn on a German bank. Nearly every bank has a German reference bank and can draw cheques on it. There may be additional charges. On request we may accept also cheques in foreign currencies.
-Bank remittance (Europe only). Please make sure to take over all costs. The complete amount must reach our account. Our bank data are on the proforma invoice.
-Paypal. You can transfer the payment to our Paypal account. There is an additional charge of 4 % of the amount per transfer. All necessary data are in the proforma invoice. For information on how to proceed a Paypal money transfer see the Paypal website.
-Western Union money transfer is by far the fastest method. You call or go to your next Western Union office and tell them the amount and the person who should pick up the money (we will tell you in the proforma invoice). You´ll get then a transaction number which you send us by email or fax. As soon as we know the transaction number the person specified in the transfer can pick up your payment at our local Western Union office. Western Union accepts credit cards. For further details and to find out where the next office can be found look at the Western Union website.
- Sorry, we take no credit cards. But it´s possible Western Union charges your credit card for the money transfer. See above!

Important! Please help us identifying the models you´d like to get by giving us the reference number of our catalogues. Also we usually accept an exchange of models you don´t want to keep we cannot take over the postage.

Items which are no more listed in our online catalogue are definitely no longer available even if they are still listed in one of the downloadable catalogues. Prices may change, however the price indicated in the online catalogue is the price we actually grant.

You want to visit us in Rutesheim?
We are first of all a mailorder shop and have no regular store or showroom. However you can visit us and buy models which you ordered at least 2 days before. Please ask for an appointment by email.

If a parcel or goods within the parcel get damaged please contact your post office how to proceed. All our parcels are insured. We check all the models when packing for damage and as far as possible if kits contain all parts. It is in our interest too to avoid damages and trouble.